taste and hospitality in the heart of cavriago

osteria and inn with loacl products

With our Osteria we wanted to create a place to eat genuine food, drink good wine and be able to enjoy a family atmosphere.Sandra, Mary and Nadia are waiting to welcome you with enthusiasm, skills, knowledge and passion for their land and its products - Reggio Emilia, famous for its hospitality and good food!

Sandra and Mary have always worked at the Caffe and its catering, and over the years have honed all the right skills. Nadia comes from a different work background, including that of restaurants, and has one great passion:COOKING and creating authentic, wholesome flavors.

They met, certainly not by chance, and realized that the three shared a common goal: to build together something authentic, making the most of their enthusiasm, skills, knowledge and passion for Reggio Emilia and its traditions. To build something that they could share with all others!

And finally the right venue appeared at the right time: in the heart of Cavriago, in its main square, where people still greets each other by name. Here our three hostesses decided to dedicate their lives and work to turn this historic location into a whole new story, choosing, piece by piece, the furnishings, decorations and every element down to the last detail, to create a truly homely atmosphere.The tastes and flavors of the real Italian osterias of the olden says, the places that used to welcome travellers with a hearty meal and a good glass of wine - places that meant to make you feel safe and at home.

The carefully studied menu is based on the seasonal gifts of the garden, always procured from local producers to ensure the best taste, respect for the environment and the local economy and... of course the unmistakable Emilian flavors!




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