cozy rooms with elements of style

Our inn offers all the amenities and services necessary to welcome you and to make you feel at home, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

With an overnight we will also offer you a breakfast at Caffe Zanti Piazza, where in the evening you can also enjoy excellent drinks comfortably seated in the main square of our village.

We created four double bedrooms (also for single use), each with its own bathroom and decorated with the elements to symbolise the four primary elements of life.



the principle of life

cardinal point South


Life's energy

cardinal point East

Water room

source of life

cardinal point West


concreteness and solidity

cardinal point North

And to complete our offer, RossoDiVino also offers a  MINI APARTMENT SUN &&MOON::
two bedrooms with kitchen and bathroom for those who need a longer stay away from home... and want to feel at home!

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